Sunday, April 3, 2011

Linden Lab "Hear no Evil~See no Evil~ Speak no Evil"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Kinda like the 3 monkeys is old lore, or "What Me Worry"

    Well I gonna tell ya what the potential worry is.

     Linden Lab seems to be living in a grandiose sense of fantasy. The Walled garden approach is doomed to complete and utter failure.

    Let's take a step back in time. Do you remember the early days of Bulletin Board Systems, and SySops ?

    How about Compuserve and AOL. All Closed Gardens. Where are they now ?
                                            HISTORY !!

    What happened to them ? They eventually gave way to brighter and more throughly thought through ideas. And YES ! Al Gore did invent the InterNet. :_)

     Currently LL and SL exist's in a vacuum, a bubble. And I hope some folk's up there in LaLa land  ( LL ) may actually be starting to see the overall greater picture. However, lets take a look at reality.

    #1 Viewer 2 is a total disaster. Basic mode and Advanced mode Viewer 2 is a complete last clutch grasp at grass straws and an act of desperation. The utter incompetence involved with this project. need's to be chalked up as a Tax Write Off. Time to trash this monstrousness disaster, and put it to a well deserved funeral.

    #2 The LL Server team is on a relentless scramble to make the grid more scalable. Now these folks are very talented, it is mind boggling the amount of energy the server team has put forth recently. And they could quite possibly be what will rescue LL and SL. If anyone is going to save this current mess it will be them.

    #3 XMPP group chat is muddled in a hopeless morass. This team is a bunch of idiot's , XMPP should have been implemented 3 years ago, as i suggested, and was laughed out of the meeting when I suggested it. "It's not Scalable enough" Thats what I was told.

   #4 Mesh / oh well / lets see if they can pull it off. Personally I don't think they can.

    #5 Open Sim is closing in fast. Boy that's right, and it is what has got LL so antsy lately.

    #6 People are loosing interest. o.O

    LL claims over 1 million users, HAH !!!!
A false figure, when was the last time in well over a year you have seen more than 70,000 resident's logged in at one time ?

JayR Cela :_(

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