Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Singularity Viewer for SecondLife

By Avatar JayR Cela

    About a month or so back I stumbled upon the Singularity Viewer, lovingly crafted together  by SL resident Saina Gearz. It is based on SnowGlobe code.

    It's a bit difficult to actually pin down the over all purpose Saina is trying to accomplish here. But I gotta hand it to this individual, whom ever that person may be, definitely dedication is a hallmark standard they are striving to uphold.

    There are a lot of very cool features. Quite a few handy one's indeed. I'm not into shoot em up RP, but my best guess is that this person is. The area search option's are extensive. Be prepared however to really wallow around through a ton of menu choice's setting this baby up.


     I also noticed a stern warning during this process explaining God Like Power's Now Endowed, Use With Extreme Caution !! being briefly flashed across the screen. I Was unable to catch a screan shot of that in time.

    Hey I'm an audio engineer in real life, my brain was clearly rattled years ago by being subjected to extremely high Sound Pressure Level's.

     The last thing I need is God Like Abilities. Hello ? EHHH ? Oh I just want to order a cheeseburger please, Huuuhhh ?, Oh ? mustard is extra ? How much does ketchup cost ?

    Is it worth the download ? Most definitely !

JayR Cela :_)


Cinder Eichel said...

the god like powers refer to the ability to delete directly from the server without the asset server's involvement like a linden in god mode. this is much quicker than normal delete on a laggy sim. you can also go under Tools in the ring menu and Explode an object, try it out on something primmy you don't care if you lose!

Siana Gearz said...

I don't think you can actually be granted godmode, unless you have corresponding powers given to you by the grid. I.e. if you run your own OpenSim grid or if you are a Linden :)

If you can gain anything through that as a normal user, that's something both me and Lindens would have to address.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Siana

Thanks for reading this blog and posting a comment/ looking forward to your next release

JayR :_)