Saturday, April 2, 2011

Virtual World Client Imprudence & The ImWorldz Grid Part 3(d)

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Back again, so far I have really been enjoying myself exploring InWorldz, and playing around with The Imprudence Viewer. They are both a lil ruff around the edges, but after all thats part of the fun. Today I was wandering around the IW fairgrounds ( It's their 2 year anniversary ) and I plan on going back later for some more Pic's and meet a few people as well.

    Ruff Edges :

     For one reason or another, every time I log in my inventory needs to reload from scratch, that may be a bug in the Imprudence Viewer and Open Sim Grids in general, I plan on using the official IW viewer for tomorrows final segment of this series. So we will see what happens then.


     One bug I am shure has nothing to do with the client is, AO's ( Animation Overrider ) are extremely flaky If you enter a region that does not allow scripts your AO ceases to function. If then you subsequently goto another region that does allow scripts, anything can happen. Weird Stuff ! LOL :_)
Usually a quick jump into Appearance Mode should correct the problem.


      The more I use Imprudence, the more I like it. And thats coming from me, a died in the wool Phoenix user. So is there any one thing outstanding ? No not really, it is just a good, solid, well thought out Virtual World Client, it does not seem to be geared towards any particular VW, more or less a Jack of all Trades approach, seems to have been taken during it's development.


     Things are easy to get to, and use, it has WindLight with numerous built presets. And it is very similar to any other well done V1.x series client I have used so far.

                                          After all it is Open Source :_)

     Well I hope you have been enjoying yourselves as much as I have so far. It's almost 11:00am IWTime, and the Anniversary party is about to get underway, should last throughout the rest of the day. Maybe we will run into one in other. If your not already an InWorldz resident, registration sign up is free. You can do that here
JayR Cela :_)


Bebe said...

Nice series. Thanks for your take on IW. You did pick a good time to visit, you had a chance to see the resident run birthday celebration. Growth in IW has been phenomenal, both in population and development of the grid. When I started, there were only about 250 residents with 5 or 6 people on line at a time and I lost attachments when I TP'd. Ahh the old days! I saw something different about IW back in 2009 and I believed that it would succeed because of the way it was being run.It was friendly and customers got service and it was full of opportunities.
InWorldz is my primary virtual world and it has become a fabulous place to be creative. When the new script engine and physics arrive soon, whole new avenues of creativity will open for us. Of course there are some moments when I get frustrated, but then I was frustrated in other worlds too.The difference is, there is communication in IW.
I hope you continue to return to Inworldz, there are great things coming.
Btw, you can integrate your AO into your Imprudence viewer. Very easy to do , works in no script zones and reduces your lag.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Bebe

Thanks for your comment here on the SLT, I really did enjoy my time spent on the IW Grid. I get rather busy sometimes and do not really have all the time I would like to be able to explore all the possible extra functions available. But perhaps I will meet you one day and you can explain.

Thanks for reading our Blog, and posting your comment.
*bigg huggs*

JayR :_)