Sunday, May 8, 2011

Phoenix Viewer and Streaming Audio using Linux

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok I'm a staunch Phoenix user, as far as building tool's go, ya can't beat it. However I happen to be a Linux person, Ubuntu, the Studio version. One thing really piss's me off about Phoenix, streaming audio.
It don't work. Why and the heck can't they fix it ?

    They claimed to have fixed it in the version for Linux, NOPE !!!!!
And to add insult to injury / they have removed the only fix from the download page. In order to get streaming audio to work with the new version of Phoenix, ya gotta do this.

#1 find it via Google Search

#2 Open the darn thing, goto your BIN folder, replace the llplugin folder  .150 with the one from .373 and also replace the SLPlugin file.

    Now this really piss's me off, I regularly bash LL for inept and screwball mistakes, now I'm bashing Phoenix. Hey you guy's screwed up big time on this one. Maybe its just my flavor of Linux.

    But for crying out loud don't proclaim to have fixed something that is still broken, and to add insult to injury, ya removed the fix from your download page.

   Wow :(

JayR Cela


Mister Acacia said...

The just moved it out of the "supported viewer" section and into the "Additional Downloads to Fix Problems" section. :)

Arvid Horten said...

It has helped!! Thank you! There is still problem with voicing, though. The talk button is grayed out. Any ideas?

JayR Cela said...

Hmmmm Avid

I not sure if I can help ya out on this one, what Operating System are you using?


JayR Cela said...

Avid / look me up In-World / we see if we can fix it.

JayR :_)

Arvid Horten said...

Thanks! Will do!

Arvid Horten said...

Ahh, in fact it is OK! I have just connected to SL and the talk button is active. So no need for help any more. Thanks for your offer anyway!