Saturday, May 7, 2011

SecondLife "Only Fool's & Noob's Use Viewer2"

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Ok all you crybaby's out there, bring it on, I dare ya to leave a reply post here on this blog why you actually like Viewer2. Come on, give me a reason to cut you to shred's, on the non-merits of why this piece of crap even exist's.

    I have clearly stated in the recent past I will not bother to review this hubris again until v2.8.x comes along. How much are you willing to bet that ?

    #1 Muting group chats will still be unavailable.
    #2 Reading my chat and log file's will still be broken.
    #3 The crappy color scheme, murky green and dark grey, will prevail.
    #4 The idiotic sidebar will continue to haunt us.

    The only remaining feature that has not been back-ported into the Viewer 1.x series is Media on a Prim. Big fricking deal ! Who cares ? Until then the Lab continues to pour more dollars into this dank, decrepit money pit.

    Now LL's new CEO recently announced with great pride, that the new improved V2 will feature such wonderful fabulous features such as, a new log-in screen, with current news, events and grid status displayed. Boy what rock has he been been hiding under ? This feature has been available on several TPV's for age's.

    The lab again decided to kill the XMPP group chat initiative, gee I wonder why it works so well for Google, Yahoo, AOL, MicroSoft and Apple etc.. According to the genius's at LL it's not scalable enough.

   Mesh, well they been talking about this for age's too, ya ever wonder why we are limited to 10 x 10 x 10m prims, when every Open Sim grid allows at least 64 x 64 x 64m prims ? It's because LL wants you to rent you more land, thereby increasing your prim allocation. It took people like OpenSource Obscure, who got the original idea from the nefarious no-goodnik Plastic Duck to bless us with MegaPrims.

    So now we have the proud statement from top brass at LL

"we have seen a significant improvement in new and completed daily registrations when compared to recent months and an increase in new users exploring Second Life."
    Hmmm, I wonder how many of these folk's will stick around after a day or two ? 

    Now LL has 2 saving grace's, a server team that really rock's, these folk's are kicking some serious butt, big time. Sim border crossings are now seamless, unless you happen to hit a corner. ( I doubt if anyone will ever be able to solve this problem, managing to get 4 servers to complete a handshake in a timely fashion is truly a holy grail in the world of IT ) And also a great Destination Guide, there are so many cool user created sim's to visit. And I'll bet ya 10$ to a Doughnut, not one of them was created with Viewer2. It's a piece of crap. Doomed to failure from day one.

    Will I continue to bash V2 ? You can put your money on it. Will I continue to heap praise's on Phoenix & FireStorm, Imprudence, Singularity, Kirstens, and Dolphin ? You bet I will !!

    It's time for LL to get out of the client software business, they obviously peaked at
 V 1.23 & SnowGlobe.

JayR Cela