Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why Does Viewer2 Stink and People Hate Me ? "And Still Read This Blog"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Hmmm ! I guess it is because I expose the truth, Open Sim is in it's infancy, and i criticize the heck out of it.  Viewer2 on the other hand is a complete, and very bad joke. Everyone involved with this piss poor project need's to be shown the door. And don't let it hit ya in the ass on the way out.

      And guess what ?

    I speak from my heart. If Poop stink's, It stinks. Open Sim will eventually kick LL's ass so far down into the ground, they will have to take their sock's off to see their toenails.

    Recently I have come under attack in world from folks that are seemingly to cowardly to post reply's to my unrelenting attack's upon Viewer2.

    People dissolving friendship's, sending me nasty message's.

   Oh Well / "The Joke's on You"

JayR Cela

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