Thursday, June 30, 2011

Open Sim~OSgrid "More Empty Trash Wierdness"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Wow this one really threw me for a loop, if you have read the previous post, I explained the complexities of performing a seemingly simple task, emptying your trash.

     While an easy thing to do within a closed architectural based VW Grid, it was a major deal and drawn out process in Open Sim. So now I'm really perplexed. I was preparing for my next post,  "Switching Viewers in Open Sim", and was routinely setting up some new directories on my HD, when I suddenly noticed this.

     It seems that since I emptied my Trash Folder this morning, I now have a new automatically generated Trash-1000 folder. Now I can't say 100%, but I'm pretty damn sure that this ( these ) sucker's were  not there earlier. They just magically popped up after the trash deletion process. Can they safely be deleted ? Ya got me I guess I'm gonna find out soon enough.

    I think what I will do, is let it all alone, jut sitting there, until I finish up a few more test's, one of which will be to see if I can switch from the Singularity viewer to the Imprudence viewer, and still have my inventory, body shape and skin etc.. intact after the switch.

JayR Cela :_)

Did you ever want to shop before the store was open?

Mister Acacia is Online

Being on the Phoenix Support team can be quite stressful at times. I mean, it's a support role, having to help people who are angry, frustrated, confused, with various levels of experience with their own PCs and misunderstandings, which only serve to fuel their anger. They are sometimes passive or active aggressive and can easily get under your skin. We are the representatives of the Phoenix team, and so we get to hear and sometimes feel the users' anger when something doesn't go right.

I try my best to fix their problems and shake off their anger. They're not angry at me, they haven't a clue who I am. And there are those who see how difficult the job is and send me kudos in IM. That, and the fact that I am able to fix most of the problems without telling the users they're morons for not RTFW, makes me happy.

The upside to the job is the inside connection. We help each other out when necessary, we troubleshoot the tougher problems together, pooling our combined experience to solve all but the most difficult or unique problems. I get what you might consider insider information, sneak previews of upcoming releases.

I get to play with the cool toys with all the new bells and whistles before the store is open.

Firestorm Beta 2 is on it's way, and apart for a couple tiny things it's even better than the current Beta.

I'd write more, but I want to use that cool program.

Mister Acacia is Offline

Open Sim~OSgrid "Emptying Your Trash" "The Importance Of !"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok ya really gotta grasp this concept, because it is extremely important. And that concept is the huge difference between a grid like SecondLife, or any other closed Virtual World, like 3rdRock, InWorldz etc... And any Open Sim based VW

    On a closed Grid your inventory resides on the grid operators server's. In an Open Sim world, like OSgrid, your inventory resides on your computer. ( and this brings up another point, I will discuss in an upcoming post, Backing Up Your Inventory )

    Unlike SL when your Trash folder is getting full, you simply empty it, and the SL server's get rid of the clutter for you automatically. This is not the case in an Open Sim World, there are several steps involved in order to complete the process. ( It took me 2 crash's and 3 try's before I was successful )

    The first thing you need to do is find a Wall of Knowledge, like the one located at the Wright Plaza Travel Center. You will notice I have 480 item's in my inventory, about 70 of them are in my trash

You click on the appropriate "semi sphere " Log In To Empty Trash" and you will be prompted to goto the main OSgrid home page and log in, you then select Empty Trash.

At that point you will then be taken to a information screen telling you that it will take approximately 15 minutes while you inventory is queued , and that the next time you log in the task will have been completed. I'm not sure, but I believe you must remain on-line during this 15 minute period, so plan ahead. 

I mentioned above it took me several attempts before I was successful, but as you can see when I did log in later my 70 items had been cleared from my Trash bin.
It is somewhat of a pain in the ass, but we are exploring  new horizon's here, and everything about Open Sim Virtual Worlds besides the viewers, is still in the Alpha stages of development. So just be patient, grin and bear it.

JayR Cela :_)

Open Sim~OSgrid #1 Stop For Finding Your Way Around "The Wright Plaza Travel Center"

By Avatar Jay R Cela

     OK first thing is first, Copy or Write Down this OSgrid  SLUR Location !!!!

     This is extremely important, because it will save you an immense amount of time, trying to find your way around OSg

    It is the Wright Plaza Travel Center, and has just about all the knowledge a new comer to this wonderful MetaVerse could ask for.

    Once inside you will find the Knowledge Wall (I know that the Picture did not pick up the hover text ) but each of the purple semi-spheres represents just about every topic regarding Open Sim ~ OSgrid that you should need to know in order to begin your journey.

     Plus ton's of other destination guides,

     And a master teleport device to the major OSg Hub's.

     I had some trouble in trying to use this device,( kept getting an Invalid attachment message. I have no idea what that was all about ) But you need to keep in mind one thing. Open Sim is Alpha !!! Plain and Simple, so expect some bugs.

JayR Cela :_)

Open Sim ~ OSgrid~Finding My Way Around & "A New Me"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well today I spent about 6 hours searching around looking for free-bee's, adjusting my avi's shape and creating a new me, same as the old me, because I all I did was just fire up SL on another computer in my office and upon going into appearance mode, I just duplicated all the body dimension's of my SL avatar to my OS avatar. ( Head Shape, Arm Length, Hand Size, etc.. ) Then I did quite a bit of searching and found a Skin that I liked and some hair, shoes, clothing. And wham, I look just as good as I do in SL.

    Here is how I started out this morning.


    As the day progressed, I eventually  found most of what I was looking for.

      And gradually ended up looking like this.


     LOL / I really hope you will continue to follow along for the next month or so, as I learn all that I can about Open Sim ~ OSgrid & Hyper Grid. It is quite a bit different than SL in some respect's, and very much the same in other's.

JayR Cela :_)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Open Sim ~ OSgrid "Resources" "Shopping For Free-Bee's" "Job #1"

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Well not that I have managed to log into OSgrid, I need to start finding my way around. The first thing I wanna do is get shed of this RUTH skin and crappy clothe's. That mean's I need to do some Free-Bee shopping :_)

    So, let's see what sort of listing's of various grid's that offer Free stuff are available. Now please keep in mind, that I don't have a clue as to what I am doing, when it comes to Hyper Grid shopping and inventory storage. My understanding is that everything resides on your Hard Drive, and for the purpose of making this series of post's meaningful, I am going to avoid any non-Hyper Grid enabled Virtual Worlds. So please bear with me hear as I go exploring and learn along the way.

     Hmmm seems like a good a place as any to start from is the HyperGrid Business blog  and their Resources section.

     That takes me to this page

     Ok folk's I got ya started, now I need some time to put myself a good looking avatar together. Hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow wit a hot looking AVI. If your following this blog. and you share my interest's on Hyper Grid, and it's potential. I'm hoping you'll be back tomorrow. If you have any sugestions or comment's, by all means leave a comment. I will do my best to to ensure that this ride is a fun one. Thank's

JayR Cela :_)


Open Sim ~ OSgrid "How To Log In For The First Time" ~via~ the Singularity Viewer 1.5.9

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well I said the other day I am bound and determined to explore Open Sim, and figure out what all this Hyper Grid stuff is about. :_)

    Since Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta did not seem to work out to well, I have decided that my exploring of the Hyper Grid enabled worlds will be done via the Singularity Viewer
 ( )  ( currently at V 1.5.9 )  I will give Imprudence another try once it gets out of Beta stage, and use my Open Sim Series to compare the two viewers against one in other. I have reviewed Singularity twice in the past several months, it is about as rock solid a viewer as you can get, and I like it.

     I'm not going to really get into reviewing Singularity today, I just want to go over the basics, on how to log into the Open Sim based OSgrid and get yourself started. OK so this is how I did it. on a Windows XP box.

    #1 I set up 2 forders on my  D:\ drive
          D:\SingCache       ------    this is going to be my Cache Folder for the Singularity Viewer
          D:\SingLogg        ------     this will hold my Log files as I go upon my Open Sim journey's

     #2 I downloaded and installed Singularity 1.5.9 on my E:\ Drive --- E:\Program Files\Singularity
    #3 Create an account, for OSgrid here ( )  It's very simple, and it's free, OSgrid is by far the largest active Open Sim organization under the Open Sim umbrella.


   Luckily I had already done this 3 years ago, during the LL - IBM Inter-OP experimental stage's, before LL completely dropped the ball, and suddenly backed out of the agreement.


 Ok next find and copy the -loginuri information ( or just copy and paste this ) ( ) that can can be found at ( ) and / or
  ( ) and fire up the Singularity Viewer, now  select the Grid Manager button.


      As you can see the default is SecondLife, so you choose Add button, this will clear the login fields.

     You then paste in the  -loginuri ( ) info into the Login URI field, click on the Platform button and select Open Sim from the drop down menu.


     Then click on the Get Grid Info button. This wil automatically fill in the rest of the required field information..


    Your now ready to Log In, provided that you have already set up an OSgrid Account.


    And Wha~Laaa :_)  From here on out it's very similuar to logging into SL for the first time with any V1.x viewer.


      Ok cool, we are now ready to start exploring, but first I need to gather some information, on where to go first, and why ? Well the why part of that question is easy, to find some free-bee's ( LOL ), the only difficult portion is where. For that I will turn again to the HyperGrid Business blog and poke around the Resource's section.

     I told ya I was not going to let this Open Sim / Hyper Grid idea go away. By the time I finish this series, anyone following along should be pretty well versed, in at least the basic in's and out's of this brave new Meta Verse.

     I hope you'll stick around for the ride, it should prove interesting, to say the least.

    One final suggestion, I would not recommend  using the same viewer for SL and any Open Sim Based grid unless you really know what the heck your doing. Myself I am a died in the wool Phoenix User for SL. I chose Singularity for a few reason's, it's very stable and solid, but it is not my main viewer in SL, I had originality planneds on Imprudence, but to be honest with you, I have never really cared for it much in the past. A lot of people do like and use it because of it's export / import capabilities, and I intend on trying it out once the bug's in V1.4.0 are squashed. For the remainder of the next 6 month's or so, I will be switching back and forth between Singularity and Imprudence, but that's it. I want to keep things as simple as possible. If you are even contemplating a V2 solution to any Open Sim based Virtual World, go take a cold shower and forget about it. Most anyone involved with Open Sim, wouldn't touch that piece of garbage with a 10 foot pole. Perhaps some day in the future. I've heard rumors there are a handful of OS regions that support V2. But for now I'm going to recommend The Singularity Viewer.

JayR Cela :_)