Sunday, June 5, 2011

Imprudence Kokua Viewer "Damm This Sucker Was Hard To Find"

By JayR Cela

    Well after a grueling weekend of managing to trash 3 computers, and some dilligent web searching I finally found the download for the Imprudence Kokua SL viewer. Holy Smokes this thing is so far hidden within the deepest and dark corners of the web, ya think they must be ashamed. Here is the main link

    I don't know why they are hiding the darn thing, it blows away the official LL SL V2 client, don't waste your time there, I swear to god these people are nut jobs. That link just takes you to some smart ass web advertisement.

     So let's get down to brass tacks.

#1 the Imprudence viewer is not all that good to begin with. Personally I hate it, everything is ass backwards, but if ya wanna go grid hopping , it's either the Hippo Viewer or Imprudence

#2 the Kokua viewer is a lot better than the official LL V2, and that ain't saying much. Because V2 is such  a piece of crap to begin with.

#3 Looks like eventually we are all gonna have to migrate to V2 in one form or another.

#4 Here is the actual download page

#5 Why and the hell are they hiding it ?

    Ok lets take a look, is it a big of piece of garbage as the 1.x version ?
Same darn problem as all the V2 series have, Can Not MUTE GROUP CHATS !!!!! Until someone figures out how to fix this, I'm sticking with Phoenix. Just like the StarDust skin the button's are there, they just don't work.

    I still can not read my V1.x log files !!!!!

     We have the now dear and departed Jack Linden to thank for this mess. When he implemented Display Names, the jerk turned down the option to read 1.x log files.

    Don't ask me, I have been banned from most LL meeting's.

    All in All, since we are eventually going to be forced to use V2, wither we like it or not. In my opinion use Hitomi's StarLight, and we see what happens with the new Phoenix FireStorm

JayR Cela :_)

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