Saturday, June 25, 2011

Imprudence Viewer 1.4.0 Beta Part 3 "Unexpected Problem's Arise"

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Well I certainly can understand problems popping up with Beta software, here's what happened. The first setback, at least as far a using Imp1.4 with SL. Is one that has been plauging most V1.x and V2.x viewers since the introduction of Display Name's on V2. And that is the inability to read your old Log and chat files. I have documented it several times here on this blog.

    I never use the default installation location for my Log file's, they are placed on a separate Hard Drive for safe keeping. The problem stems from the way LL chose to use a slightly different format : Example JayR_Cela was the old legacy format, JayR.Cela is the new V2 format. That should not be a problem if they had added a backward compatibility function in the Client's code base. The only TPV I know of so far to have addressed this Issue is the Phoenix Team. Take a look at these snap shot's.

Phoenix 1.x and or 2.x

Log File Location                                     ( /media/5058D37758D359F4/SLLOGG )

Imp1.4 Beta


 Both point to the same location              ( /media/5058D37758D359F4/SLLOGG )

     As I said Phoenix & FireStorm are both capable of reading the legacy format, and so far they are the only 2 viewers able to do this so far.

    Ok as far as Open Sim is concerned this is not even an issue.

    The second Issue I discovered today however is. Severe sporadic, intermittent massive slow down's ( Extreme Lag ) seem to come an go at will. Along with sudden screen lock up, again this issues seem to be random. Making the viewer completely unreliable for any purpose.

    I suppose I did first notice it yesterday, but I was not really spending any prolonged period's of time in-world while writing the previous Post's. Today however during the under water Mermaid build project, it kept popping up so many times, I could no longer continue my work.

    This is a minor setback, I fully intend to continue exploration of various Open Sim Hyper Grid worlds, I just need to reconsider my strategy, unfortunately it will not be including Imp1.4.0 Beta.

    Stay tuned, I'll come up with something soon.



Laura18 Streeter said...

There is a nice little hack to solve that issue. The log files themselves are unchanged, just the locations. Sometimes the username is different; sometimes it contains the name of the grid also.
The trick is to create a soft link to your directory with the name the viewer expects and where it expects to find it. Linux users know this. In Windows, you need to download something called JUNCTION.EXE to do this. Windows supports links to directories but provides no tools to create this. Note how there is a link called Documents and Settings, which points to a directory called Users. This is for backward compatibility with XP. Here the concept is the same. Make a link called jayr.cela that points to JayR_Cela. The viewer won't know its a link. Everything will work fine. You can make as many as needed for all your viewers

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Laura thanks for the Tip / but LL never should have let this happen to begin with / the issue about adding a small piece of code into the V2 code base to insure backward compatibility was brought up by several Dev's on the SnowStorm team during the Roll-Out of the Display Names feature and it was shot down by the project leader / shame on them

JayR :(

JayR Cela said...

P.S. to Laura / I just downloaded the Singularity viewer / the newest version will read the legacy log files now / just like Phoenix and FireStorm

JayR :_)