Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Phoenix/Firestorm news

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For some of you this is news. With the upcoming public release of Firestorm Beta, the Phoenix team are making changes to their in-world groups. When the beta is made available they will start closing the Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group. All members will be invited to the support group if they are not already members.

The Phoenix Viewer Support group (inworld) has been renamed Phoenix/Firestorm Support Group and the support team will begin supporting Firestorm Beta (but not the previews).

Confusing? You betcha. Supporting Phoenix is hard enough because three or four versions are supported, and you diehard Phoenixians know too well the differences. Now add to that support for Firestorm as well. How many times have you gone into the group and asked How can I do xyz without saying the viewer name? Well now if you don't then the first question you'll be asked is: which viewer?

Oh the fun. I've got extra popcorn because this is going to be quite a show.

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