Thursday, June 2, 2011

The New StarLight (StarDust) Skin for SecondLife by Hitomi Tiponi "A Peek At The Future" + "The New Improved Search"

By Avatar JayR Cela  

    Well I have one thing to say above all other's. Hitomi's new StarDust re-skin for Viewer2 pretty much make's the standard, Beta, Project, and SnowStorm  official LL version's all a mute point. She is so far ahead of the clowns at the lab it is almost laughable. Kinda sad actually those people are actually colecting paycheck's to contine to put out crappy product's, while Hitomi and people like herself work to improve our beloved SL experience's as a labor of love.

    One of my pet peeve's, muting of group chat's is finally being addressed, the button check box's are at least in place, sad to say they do not actually function yet, but at least there is hope. And I still am unable to read my log files, from a standard V1.x based viewer either. :(

 So with the negative's out of the way let's move on with all the positive stuff. The Wretched Side Bar is gone with the new StarDust skins,

 ( available in several color scheme's ) and finally some sanity has been brought to menu floater behavior, it's not perfect yet, but mile's ahead of the standard release's.

    The most noticeable advance's so far seem to be in the vastly improved Preference's Menu's.


    And let us not forget that Hitomi has included the new and improved Search feature as well. You can choose either the New Search.

 Or the completely borked and broken old style.


    As the new Phoenix FireStorm release date draws nearer, and rumor has it that StarDust will be playing a role as far as the UI is concerned. I have to admit I am truly getting excited. So if you would like a glimpse of future things to come, why not download the StarLight ( StarDust ) package and try for yourself.

    It is available here

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

Thank you for such a lovely review Jay x (and I didn't have to pay anything!)

I am holding off with StarDust in the initial Firestorm Beta as I want to get StarLight 100% right for them first - but it will be ready for their following release, and in the mean-time it can, of course, always be enjoyed against the official viewer.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Sis *bigg huggs* you are kicking some serious butt, big time / your V2 skin modds are awesome

JayR :_)