Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Phoenix FireStorm Viewer Beta "Day 3" "Building~How Does it Stack Up" "To The Standard Phoenix"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Sad to say this, but FireStorm Beta is not ready for prime time quite yet when it comes to building in SL. It is missing a few key features found in Phoenix. Such as the custom setup option's in preferences.


     Also while editing object's,  Taper 2 X ~ Y, Radius & Revolutions, and Edit Access at Root. I'm sure these Item's will eventually find their way into the FireStorm Viewer. And for the average person, these features are inconsequential.

    One thing that I discovered while building a new home, the texture picker is really odd, and behaves erratically. This particular feature is of extreme importance to builders. That fact that it's operation is so seriously flawed, makes FireStorm, virtually impossible to work with as a building tool.

    Give it time, this Viewer is still a Beta.

         So how does FireStorm stack up against Phoenix as a building tool ?
    Not Even A Close Race, Phoenix Smoke's It, and is still the reigning Champion of all SL Viewers.


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