Monday, June 13, 2011

Wow ! What A Weekend ~ "No Sound with the Phoenix Viewer"~"An Evil Plot ?"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I have absolutely no idea what and the heck happened, over the weekend I somehow managed to completly loose audio streams while using the Phoenix Viewer. 3 different computer's, Window's XP and Linux ( they are all dual boot ) I recently politely told my ISP to jump in the lake with their outrageous monthly rental fee of $7.00 a month for a cable modem that retails for $79.95

    So I purchased my own, these folk's are nut's. Last year I was being charged a $3.00 monthly rental fee, in January they raised that to $5.00, last month they raised the price to $7.00.

    So I got fed up, went down to my local electronic's store and purchased my own, and returned the one supplied by my cable company. That was a Motorola, The one I purchased is manufactured by a company called ZOOM, I remember them back in the days I was just starting to use OS-2 and Window's 98.

    Wooo, and LOL, back in the day's I was happy to get 24Kbps, and then a whopping 56Khps, man I was really cooking then :_)

    So I hooked it up, plugged it in, called the cable company, spent 40 minute's on the phone. ( Boy don't ya just love that MUZAK ? ~ grrrrrr ) Everything was cool for 5 day's. Then the weekend came. LL did some network upgrade's. ( This part is beyond belief, these folk's choose a Friday to do a major upgrade, then they take the weekend off. )

    So I get up Saturday, and no streaming audio radio in SL

    It was just gone, but only on the Phoenix Viewer. And on 3 different computer's, and 2 different operating systems. Hmmmmmm !

     I pulled out my Thinking Propeller Beanie, Gave It A Spin, and logged into the InWorldz Grid using their own viewer, everything worked fine there.

    Logged into 3rd Rock with the Imprudence Viewer, everything was working there as well.

    So I Give My Propeller Another Spin, try logging back into SL using Phoenix, NO STREAMING AUDIO. darn it !

Why can't I figure this out ?

    So I did the unthinkable, I actually downloaded Viewer2, ( I hate that thing ) and installed it, the problem vanished.

    So is this some sort of Evil Plot ?

JayR Cela :_)

P.S. please don't take me seriously.
BTW : I do have streaming audio working again.

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