Thursday, January 19, 2012

Virtual Worlds : Phoenix Firestorm : This Viewer Is On A Roll !

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The good folks building Firestorm have sent a version to its beta tester platoon for some smoke testing. I know the team is eager to get a maintenance release out soon, much sooner than the Mesh Beta -- Release cycle was.

One thing you can do to help both yourself and the Phoenix support team is RTFB. Read the Firestorm Blog. We ask everyone to read it before downloading so that our users are aware of the things they need to do before installing and understand the known bugs and possible workarounds. It's frustrating when users install our viewer, have a problem with it and then ask about the problem in our group without ever reading the blog and learning that the problem is a known bug, or especially any known workarounds.

So read the blog before you download a new version. Understand what known bugs are present, Note the workarounds, and follow the steps we recommend when installing.

Mister Acacia is offline

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