Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flockdraw with BOPs blows my mind

Paint and draw in real time.  Flockdraw

  • By yourself or with some friends drawing on the same panel.
  • Show it to your Second Life audience while you draw.
A drawing in progress
BOP display
BOP Summary. Browser-on-Prim. Web-on-Prim Be sure to see the BOPs in Second Life
A minute or so later
The BOP follows the action
Flockdraw is  free to use online whiteboard based painting & drawing tool. It makes it easy to draw online free with multiple people for fun or business. You can have unlimited people [watching] in a room and the drawing updates in real time. Uses different colors, shapes and text
  • Go to this web link
  • Go to Lobby1.That seems to be the most active.  
  • You don't even have to sign in. 
  • There will probably be several people jointly drawing.  
  • You can watch for a bit.
  • Or you can join in the drawing.
  • If this lobby is full, go back to the entry page and try another lobby.
  • The tools are at right
  • The colors are at the bottom.  
  • Try things to find out what they do.  

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