Thursday, January 5, 2012

SecondLife : Selecting Icons Only Option : Customize Your Viewer3

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Thanks to Hitomi Tiponi for this tip. The other day I was complaining about Viewer3 and the haphazard UI. Well you do have quite a few customization options available. Today I will be using the Dolphin Viewer for this demonstration. I will attempt to make the User Interface look and feel as close to FireStorm as possible. Why do I choose FireStorm as my standard ? Because it is in my opinion the best and most logically lay'd out . So lets see what we can do here.

     First of all you need to have an understanding of several basic concept's. V3 has been built from the ground up for customization. Yep that's right, you can pretty much make it look and work just about anyway you like. It Just takes a little bit of time in order to do so.


    The standard layout is somewhat not to my liking. But that's not a big deal, it is very easy to change. First click on the ME menu. Then select Toolbar Items, you can then choose to clear all of the buttons.

    At this point it is just a matter of drag and dropping what ever you feel that you need. If this sounds confusing to you, don't feel bad. With a little bit of practice you can easily make SL work exactly the way that you would like it to.


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