Sunday, January 15, 2012

Virtual Worlds : The Problem With Free MMO's : And Why Linden Lab Needs To Expand Linden Realms

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok I'm going a little bit off the beaten path here again, but from time to time I just seem to get bored and decide to try out one or two free massively multi player freebie games. There are several problems that I see here. Most of them have very nice graphics, but are pretty much mindless reiteration's of the same old same old stuff that I recall from the Trip Hawkins day's of the supposedly Be~All~End~All Ultimate gaming machine. I'm talking about the 3DO gaming console.

    The 3DO introduced in 1993, had hardware that was at the time state of the art. It was equipped with an ARM processor ( very rare in those days ) and at a $700.00 price tag for the initial release, was pretty much doomed to failure before it even got out of the gate. With the majority of the games coming in at $50.00 buck's a pop, and most of them being nothing more than copycat's, the machine eventually fell to a $99.00 price tag, redesigned and distributed by Panasonic. At that price point it sold like hotcakes, and the available games were readily available in bargain bins galore.

    The problem was that most of the software available was total crap, rail based game design ( travel this path and no other ) type of thinking, or don't bother playing.

    Recently I have be downloading and experimenting with numerous free MMO's. One or two of them have been mildly amusing for a day or so, but managed to get old really fast, and all of them take a shitload of time to download. Again I am seeing the same sort of thing thing.

    Really cool graphic's, but lousy game play, so the quandary is. SecondLife has mediocre graphic's, but the potential for some very cool in world games is huge.

     I really hope LL follows through with Linden Realms, and gives us something to do besides hanging out together in Virtual Night Club's.


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