Thursday, February 2, 2012

SecondLife : Abandoned Land : Why Linden Lab Will Never Lower Prices : Until Open Sim Matures

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Have you looked at the SL in-world map lately ? Depending upon the settings you have chosen wihtin map view.


  Take a look here, this is the normal view, however once you place a check-mark next to the Land Sale option. Whoooooo !!!!!!

    OMG !! WTF happened ? I'll tell ya what happened, most of my long time friends, and previous SL land owners finally woke up and took a long hard look at their Credit Card bill.

    If you are looking at loan shark 18 to 23% interest rates on you, that are legal by law, and you only manage to make the minimum payment, this shit add's up fast.

    So whats the first thing's to go ?

    All the unnecessary stuff on you credit card, and that just so happens to be SecondLife, right up there at the top of the list.

     I have been a LL customer for a lil over 6 years, bought and sold various properties in that time frame. Finally I just said the hell with it and consolidated on 3 pieces of land. I own one, it comes free with my premium membership and is 512m, it is a rental home and I have had numerous tenants over the years, a riverfront location and quite desirable in SL. Then next door I rent a 1024m parcel from a long time friend, and I share the cost with another friend of mine. Next door to that I rent a 2048m parcel from another long time friend here in SL.

    So in total that gives me 3584m of highly desirable riverfront property.



      I'll tell ya right now LL will continue to charge outrageous prices until ?

JayR Cela

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