Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SecondLife : March 1 2014 : SL No Longer Relevant : Open Sim #1

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Good afternoon dear readers. Spring 2014 is just around the corner and things are looking rosy in the Open Sim Virtual World development and user experience environment. Hyper Grid is alive and vibrant with inter world Virtual Tourism. Several interchangeable V~ Currencies are soaring on the market, fashion designers have made a huge splash in the real world with absolutely stunning creations. Inter Grid vehicle creators have seen a tremendous upswing in their sales with cutting edge designs.

    It's a little bit crazy out there, not everything works 100% - 100% of the time, but many users do not seem to mind. Everyone we have spoken to is having a wonderful and exciting time. As well known virtual resident and Fashion Diva, "Mary Anonymous" recently put it. " Oh I am having such a fantastic time here in the OS universe, I used to hang out in SecondLife, but it just got to be so LAME ( he-he ) and besides it's no longer relevant. A Has Been ~ Such Old News ( giggles )  And Inter~Grid entrepreneur, vehicle and weapons designer "Dave Somebody" had this to say, "I want excitement, not some creaky old fart stuff, and I'm making a ton of money here now"

    So there you have it folk's Mary and Dave's sentiment's seem to be resounding throughout the OS MetaVerse by young and old alike. The once mighty SecondLife, originator, leader and previously dominant player in the Virtual Worlds environment, although still in existence no longer seems to be relevant.

    So what went wrong with SL ? Rumor has it that there was a slow but steady brain drain of independent creative talent, unwittingly imposed by non-forward thinking top management at the Lab.

    Once the user base realized that things were stagnating in SL, while at the same time Open Sim was bristling with new and fantastic ideas. OS by welcoming these same talented, creative independent developers ( that LL turned away ) with open arms, the flood gates of creativity opened, and by that time it was to late. I guess the Lab figured they were the only game in town ?

JayR Cela :_)

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