Monday, February 13, 2012

SecondLife ~ Open Sim : Last Week's Wrap UP of Viewers

Ok I'm at it again,

    Probably just gonna piss off a few people. But Oh Well.

    Let me just start off with this, until I am able to mute individual group chats, and read old V1.x log files, and have a smaller re-sizable camera control. I'm just going to continue to bitch until the lame ass TPD's get off their butt's and fix these problems.

Catznip : OK we got a new release here, I have not tried it yet. 

Cool Viewer : Henry is at it again, most of the changes this week deal with clothing layer's. This is probably the best viewer available. Defiantly worth the download.

Dolphin : Oh well, same as last week.

Exodus : Nothing happening here.

FireStorm : Way to much stuff to cover here : it is the best available : bar none !
    Ok here we go / I'm the big FireStorm user, no one is ever going to going change that.

Imprudence : Will someone just kick this garbage into the trash ?

Kirsten's : I think everyone already knows the story on this one  : RIP !

Niran's  Oh My, about all I can say is check it out, you are gonna need a super computer in order to run it.

Phoenix : no changes

StarLight : Pretty much the same as last week.

 Zen : Now this one ya gotta keep an eye on : I'm going out on a limb here, But I think this will be the one to watch.

    So what the heck else is going on ?
Well the Nova Grid bit the dust, them and Imprudence, good riddance.

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