Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Virtual Worlds : Last Weeks SecondLife~OpenSim : TPV Wrap Up

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I'm a little bit behind schedule lately, but here is last weeks round up of TPV news for OpenSim and SecondLife clients.

Catznip : No changes

CoolVL : No Changes

Dolphin : New Release V3.2.6.24131 / Feb 5
    A few common sense enhancements include, Dissable Camera Constraints is now set to ON by default, Limit Select and Limit Move Distance settings default to OFF. The viewer has been recompiled to be LLA compatable on Windows 64bit, SSE-2 was also icorporated on both 32 and 64bit builds. The allignment tool has been updated, and a problem with inventory jumping has been resolved as well.

Exodus : No Changes

FireStorm : No changes

Niran's : Version 1.22 was released / Feb 2
    Negitive values for animation speed spinners, some menu changes, and LLA recompile for both 32 and 64bit versions.

Phoenix : No changes

Singularity : No changes

StarLight skin : New Release V3.2.0769 / Feb 6
    Various small changes, bug fix's.  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_Skins/Starlight#Downloads 

Zen : Numerous releases throughout the week, currently at V3.3.0
    I plan on giving this one a try sometime today, so you can check back here later on this evening.

    Well that about does it, thanks so much for reading this blog. Please feel free to comment.

JayR Cela :_)

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