Thursday, April 12, 2012

SecondLife : More Changes For Third Party Developer's

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well here we go again, the lab is issuing new requirements for TPV's. Seem's that they are still upset with the fact that almost no one but the most newest of SL customer's are using the official LL based SecondLife viewer. And there is good reason for that, it has a lousy user interface.

    Now I tend to look at it this way, screw em ! It is becoming glaring apparent that the Lab, is frustrated by the fact that their in house developed viewer is so far behind the TPV based one's they can no longer deal with reality. They are about to prevent any TPV from offering the ability to log into various Open Sim based grids

    The reason this has come about is because physic's ( The Havok Physic's Engine ) will no longer be handled on the server side, it has been merged into the viewer code. Which is a good thing, if you only visit SL and no Open Sim based grids, it has something to do with the new path finding games feature's about to be introduced.
and that should be very cool, once they finally work out all the loose ends.

   But there are a few easy work a rounds, say for instance you prefer the CatzNip viewer. I am taking for granted that you are experienced enough to open a DOS Box ( command line ) in Windows, and you wish to visit OSGrid, with Catznip.

C:\Program files\Catznip\Catznip.exe --loginuri --loginpage

    Or you can just edit your shortcut link. There are other ways to accomplish the same thing on Mac's and Linux, and some simple searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo will surely lead you to the appropriate solution. And I doubt that it will not be too long before some one writes a boot loader to easily handle the chore for you on all platforms.

    In the mean time I have been reading other various blog post's and some people are freaking out about nothing. LL own's the platform, they can do what ever they like, if that includes running off most of their customers, and continually shooting themselves in the foot, so be it.

    I seriously feel that in two years time SL will be no longer be relevant anyway's.

JayR Cela

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