Thursday, April 12, 2012

The StarLight Skin For SecondLife : Why Not Just Do It ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Hey look, I have been here in SL for almost 7 years, things are constantly changing, that's inevitable, if ya just stand still nothing happens. I remember back when Nicholaz Beresford introduced some mod's to correct odd problems with the V1.8.x series of SL viewers. These consisted of a few XML files. It took the Lab almost 6 months before they even recognized the fact that the official viewer was seriously flawed.

    After months of negotiations Nick just gave up and said the Hell with it. As a matter of fact I have a suspecion that Nicholoz was actually Kirsten and the Kirsten Viewer was born as a TPV.

    The first versions were a bit buggy but defiantly superior to what the lab was offering. Then she went off on the deep end, and forgot that not everyone own's a $5000 computer, her arrogant attitude  and insistence upon AMD based devices, and unfortunately some health problems with her RL partner ultimately brought that project to a halt.

    Now we have the Niran Viewer, and I see the same thing happening all over again. Niran has managed to push the envelope to the max, but at the same time alienated just about everyone from even bothering to download or use her viewer.

    On the other hand you have Hitomi Tiponi, creator of the StarLight Skin for SL, this would seem to be the most logical choice for improving a seriously flawed V3 UI.

    My understanding is that Hitomi has approached LL and OZ Linden about incorporating, or making it the standard. But again, def ears do not hear or read the writing on the wall.

    The current official LL SL viewer is awful. I don't care how much stuff they put into it. I don't like it and I will not use it.

     Number 1 / not everyone has a 32" monitor, and the current SL V3 has a way over sized Camera Control.
So what's the problem, stupid !

    Fix the Gawd Dame Camera Control

    Or Make Hitomi's Starlight Skin the Standard

JayR Cela

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