Friday, April 13, 2012

What SecondLife Really Need's : Path Finding Games

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well for one thing, customer retention, I have been to numerous Open Sim based grid's. There is nothing to do there. If you own some land, or are running your own grid, that's cool, but it is boring, build a home, do some landscaping, and perhaps figure out this confusing Hyper-Grid crap. And if you are eventually able to figure that out, do you really think people will come ?

     Give me a break,  the path finding initiative being put forward by LL is a great idea. What needs to happen now is let Oz Linden loose, the guy is a genius, if LL would stop hampering him from applying ideas and concept's we could eventually end up with some very cool stuff here in SL

     And while I am on the subject, there are a number of different viewers available, but let's be realistic, they are all going to have to comply with certain rules and regulations. It is Linden Lab's world, plain and simple, if ya don't like it, OK, go somewhere else. There is no one stopping ya.

    Path Finding games within SL are just an evolution for this platform, if you want to stand still, you may as well become a Tree.

      It would be nice to see a complete rework of the SL UI, at least make the camera control re-sizable.

JayR Cela

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