Friday, May 4, 2012

Linden Lab: More concerned about a few seconds than paying customers

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Linden  Lab is truly pissing me off. I follow many of the issues that are in their jira because they are important to me and my fellow paying customers. Recently, some employee at LL, Mercille Linden, has been closing dozens of issues with "Won't finish" and without comment as to why.

So I complained because to me it seems a really shitty customer interface to just close something without saying anything.

Of course, the first level support gave me the expected canned response because they don't know how to respond. So I had it escalated. It went to Derrick Linden.

He responded with a real answer, but it wasn't what I was expected. He wanted examples. So I gave him some. And he said that there were linked issues that explained.

Well, I gave him a couple dozen more examples that to me had vague responses and no clear reasoning why the issue was closed as "Won't Finish".

His final response, before closing the support case in a manner that didn't allow me to respond was:

When I said I would look into the individual JIRAs you had questions on, I meant that I would try to help you on the individual JIRAs you actually had questions on, and not randomly searched JIRAs you could find.
While a large majority oh the JIRA topics I took a look at do indeed give information as to why they were closed, some do only reference other topics with a link to them. This is likely in an effort to save time and to not have to say the same thing twice. Personally, I prefer the devs spending their time to correct the issues at hand rather than managing JIRAs so in-depth.
I apologize that you are dissatisfied with the way our JIRA system works, but unfortunately it is run this way for a reason.

So that helps me understand exactly what LL thinks of its paying customers. His apology is empty because in reality he doesn't give a shit that I'm dissatisfied. He and his colleagues are more interested in saving a few seconds' time and a few bytes in the issue by not explaining what they're doing than to ensure that their customer base is happy.

Compounded with the many other disrespectful things LL have done (like putting that bitch Alexa in a customer-facing position) I fully understand now just what LL thinks of it's customer base.

Linden Lab, fuck you. I will make sure that you earn as little as possible from me and all my friends. I will start migrating to another grid and I will advise my friends to do the same. I hope the Lab rots because you are going to start losing paying customers.

You remember who they are, right? The ones who pay your wages!

Jay, if you edit this, I understand.

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COnfused with someone who cares said...

Bye! Enjoy the worlds with volunteer support, half the commands are nonfunctional, and no one is there to play with. Oh, and no security so everything you do is free for all.

JayR Cela said...

Huh ?

JayR :_)