Friday, May 11, 2012

SecondLife : Oz Linden and The Mesh Debate : Why Are People Beating Up On This Guy : He Has A Job To Do !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I don't really attempt to understand all of the underlying issue's going on about the Mesh quagmire currently going on in the various blog-o-spheres.

    For one thing Quarl Linden no longer works for LL, Oz does !

    They are both wonderful people, and this stuff is complicated.

    Trying to manage a complex programming protect take's an enormous amount of dedication, so just let the man do his job.

    Personally I could care less about Mesh clothing, it's not evan worth debating, I'm just happy to feel that I have a body that in my mind actually works.

    This platform SecondLife has to progress in incremental stages.

    Reinventing the wheel, has not proven to work out very well in mankind's history.

    How many times do you have to bang your head on the wall to realize it hurt's ?

JayR Cela

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