Monday, September 10, 2012

Secondlife: LL and their JIRA

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OK, just a quick follow-up. First, this post, along with every other one I put here, is my own personal opinion. My posts do not reflect the opinions, stands or missions of this blog, The Phoenix Firestorm Project, or any other person or persons.

I would like to personally encourage all users in Second Life to report every bug they find, even possible bugs. Use LL's viewer, find an issue and report it.

There is a possibility that LL has or will alienate their users and the number of bug reports will actually go down. This might be misinterpreted (spun) to suggest there are fewer bugs. They already spin their user base by reporting how many (new and total) signups there are, conveniently avoiding the number of accounts that have been closed (by the user or LL), or which are alts, or which are abandoned (user signs up, logs in with their viewer and then never logs in again). Maybe they're trying to make SL look good to potential buyers or partners and at the same time trying to solve a different problem with their JIRA.

So, to help LL understand just how many bugs there are, I encourage you to report them. Every one, even if you think it's already been reported. And especially if you reported it on a previous version of their viewer and it persists. The inability to "me too" any existing reports only hurts the lab. Unfortunately that hurts the people who use the JIRA most, but I imagine some data is spit out by JIRA for the executives, and if it's showing total reports, then that number should be very high.

My apologies to those who have to filter those incoming reports, but your bosses need to see more activity now instead of less.

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