Sunday, October 21, 2012

SecondLife : NiranV's Viewer : v2.0 Reboot 3.4.4 ( 2136 ) Beta 3

By Avatar JayR Cela

    It has been quite some time since I last took a look at the Niran Viewer for SL. There are several reasons as to why. #1 My ageing hardware #2 I really do not have much interest in SL photography #3 I am not all to much into combat RP ( at least not in SL ) But #4 ( and here is the Big One ) The UI has been somewhat of a moving target, as far as consistency goes. And has been constantly changing, sometimes radically from one release to the next. This has been true throughout the entire 1.x series. ( Please note that NiranV does not follow the conventional  LL version numbering scheme, a Niran 1.x viewer has no relationship to LL's 1.x viewer series, this is strictly a V3 engine based viewer, with a ton of extra features built upon that base ) So V2 in this case is actually based upon the Lab's V3.4.4 series. This coupled along with the fact that, in it's current state at the Beta 3 stage seem's to indicate ( at least in my mind ) that the UI design merry go-round ride is finally over. And that is nothing but good news to the large, active, and devoted  user base this project has established within a relatively short period of time.

    Last night I decided to DL and try the Beta3, and came away seriously impressed. With the new User Interface improvements I am truly excited, and patiently waiting for the final product. Here are some screen shots, that will show off what you have in store for the very near future.

    When you first fire this baby up and are presented with a choice between Classic or Combat RP, simply make your choice based upon your intended usage. Either way be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

    I was not so happy with the stock UI button placement, but that is a trivial mater.

   As most experienced SL user's are well aware of by now, the FUI ( Flexible User Interface ) design paradigm, offers just what it was intended for. It allows you the user to have it your way.

    And hold onto your hats, pressing the F1 key brings up the very special and extremely well designed, Photography, Machinima menu.


    Hat's off to NiranV and contributor's to the project. This viewer, if it stay's on course, could easily become the De-Facto Standard by which all other's intended for Machinima and Photography will be judged by.

    It can be downloaded from Niran's Blog here.

    Once this comes out of Beta, I believe it will finally have a well deserved permanent place on a lot of  SeconLife user's computers.

JayR Cela :_)


Mister Acacia said...

It's unfortunate that NiranV isn't releasing a Linux or Mac version. It's more unfortunate that his response to that question (in his 10/18 comment reply on suggests he has no intentions to support Linux. I infer from that he won't be supporting Mac either.

JayR Cela said...

Hey there my friend,

The reason Niran does not have support for Linux or Mac, is because he is strictly a Windows7 64bit person, and has no interest in either L or M

There was a brief period back in the summer the ARTVI project did a port to Debian ( see link on right side panel this blog 3rd party viewers ) but that project is no longer active.

I see no reason why someone with the knowledge and ability to compile a Linux version would not be able to do so, after all the source code is available on his site somewhere, if you can find it / LOL / the Niran Blog is confusing to say the least.

But you did not hear that from me! /Haaaa-Haaa-Haa

JayR Cela :_)