Sunday, October 7, 2012

SecondLife : OMG : How Much Land Is For Sale ?: Are Tier Prices To High ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Are ya ready for a mind blowing blast into reality ? Is SL truly dying on the vine ? Are we doomed to loose everything ? Our inventories, our friends, our SL homes ? And the big question is, are tier prices to high ?

    Well the price point is only relevant, depending on how you look at it, and how much extra money you have to toss around, hell a carton on cigarettes, or a case of beer is about the same price as a modest parcel of land in SL. And quite frankly I have been hopping around to various Open Sim based grid's for the past 2 year's, and there ain't to much happening there yet, quite a few of them go in and out of business, within several month's or so, the only exception's I see so far are OSGrid and InWorldz. I don't do many post's on OS grid's because at this point in time they happen to be a bit on the boring side. The main thing that SL has going for it right now is the Destination Guide, and Dammit LL does not ( and for the life of me I can not figure out why ) Promote It Enough !!!!!!  There are some cool things happening here. But for the most part you would never know it. The Destination Guide Should Be Right Up Front And Center on the main LL, SL Log In Page !!! Unfortunately it is not.

    I'm still waiting for the Valve, Steam collaboration thing to Blow Up in LL's Face, holy crap, once people log in to the product and are presented with this piece of garbage official viewer ( No Offense OZ, I understand and know that you have nothing to do with the User Interface design ) But this thing is a total piece of Shit ! All of the TPV's , no matter which one you choose, Blow it away !!

    Here's the point, people are leaving SL in drove's, Entire group's are up and leaving in a mass Exodus, and it not just large groups that are leaving. Have you actually taken a look at the in-world map lately and seen the vast amount of land up for sale ? Well I have, and it is a real eye opener.

    According to my friend Inara Pey, this is nothing new, and she has been here in SL since December 2006. I respect her opinion's.. There is a link to her blog on this page to the left. It is a great resource to SL information, or just click on this link

    But let's just face it / Tier Prices Need to be reduced / Plain and simple !

JayR Cela


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