Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real Life : My Feeling's of Mortality

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Time to die is a somewhat difficult sword to swallow, numerous times here in this blog I have expressed my utter disgust for BDSM and Slavery in SL, and other virtual worlds.

    I can not change things that are beyond my control, I can however express my opinion's.

    Slavery, in what ever form it is practiced is a sick and twisted mindset, anyone that has the audacity to make light of this is truly a person I will choose to have nothing to do with.

    And while I am at it, all of you BDSM nut case's. Go Jump In The Lake !

JayR Cela


Mister Acacia said...

I'm saddened to read of your opinions about BDSM.

Slavery as you might see in Second Life, is not the kind of indentured service that the term once represented and which still exists I'm sure in some parts of the real world. A slave is someone who WILLINGLY chooses to give him or herself completely to a Master/Mistress. It may be sexual, but doesn't have to be. It's merely the submissive wanting the Dominant to do all the deciding. A slave in this sense is free to choose to no longer be a slave, and there is nothing in the world that can stop him or her from standing up and walking away.

BDSM is a too-encompassing term that masses people of all walks of life into one group. Those people might like pain, they might not. They might simply be those who enjoy a little rough sex, who enjoy to some degree a Dominant/submissive relationship, or who might have sexual desires that others would call fetishes.

I was at one time like you, assuming without a clue, mind closed to anything that my own absurd morals deemed wrong. But I learned, I listened, I saw with an open mind and I think I now better understand.

I am one of those BDSM nut cases now, and I have never been happier, more self-aware or more self confident.

I am in the lake, Jay, and the water is just fine.

Lord said...

To my recollection, all but one currently used full-featured graphical SL/OpenSim Viewer devotes time and coding to their viewer for the purpose of augmenting BDSM activities(though a few try to say they re-use the code for other purposes).

That one viewer is Linden Lab's own.

All the others, including Firestorm, Phoenix, Cool VL, Singularity, Exodus, Imprudence, Kokua, Restrained Love, Catznip, Dolphin, Niran's, Kirsten's, Radegast, Rainbow, Zen, and the various forks/derivatives of these viewers, include full or partial support and coding in their viewers of either RLV, RLVa, or similar code.

Are you suddenly going to stop using or reviewing these viewers based upon your convictions JayR ?

That would indeed be interesting to hear about. :)