Friday, January 11, 2013

SecondLife : A Talk With Hitomi Tiponi About The StarLight Skin

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I have taken a look several times at the StarLight skin for the stock LL SL viewer, over the past year or so it has gradually been refined with more customization capabilities for your choice of color schemes. And it is now built right into the current version of the FireStorm Viewer as well, thereby eliminating the need of installing it yourself.

    I took a few screenshots yesterday, and had a conversation with Hitomi Tiponi, creator of the StarLight skin. She has graciously allowed me to print that here for you today.

      The first 4 pics. are from the current SL beta viewer, stock versus modified. Which is OK, but I am not a fan of the official LL viewer at all, and it requires installation. I am a huge FireStorm fan, so the fact that it's a built in feature is very cool.

    Anyways, here is our conversation.

[2013/01/07 17:56]  JayR Cela: :_)
[2013/01/10 18:17]  Hitomi Tiponi: Hi there Jay
[2013/01/10 18:17]  JayR Cela: hi there Hitomi :_)
[2013/01/10 18:17]  Hitomi Tiponi: now was the time for the interview?
[2013/01/10 18:17]  JayR Cela: i'm running a lil bit behind schedule right now :(.........
[2013/01/10 18:18]  Hitomi Tiponi: np
[2013/01/10 18:18]  Hitomi Tiponi: have a very slow broadband connection - about 300kps
[2013/01/10 18:18]  JayR Cela: it should not be long
[2013/01/10 18:18]  Hitomi Tiponi: so may crash at any time
[2013/01/10 18:18]  JayR Cela: ouch !!! 300
[2013/01/10 18:19]  Hitomi Tiponi: yes - the local mobile broadband mast is running over capacity
[2013/01/10 18:20]  JayR Cela: are you on a note book or a tablet ?
[2013/01/10 18:20]  Hitomi Tiponi: on a desktop
[2013/01/10 18:20]  Hitomi Tiponi: but only have mobile connection here
[2013/01/10 18:20]  JayR Cela: ahhhh :(
[2013/01/10 18:21]  Hitomi Tiponi: it's a hot day here today so everyone is either at the beach or hiding indoors on the internet it seems
[2013/01/10 18:23]  JayR Cela: we had a snow storm here last week / haa-haaa :_)
[2013/01/10 18:23]  Hitomi Tiponi: a bit of a contrast
[2013/01/10 18:25]  JayR Cela: yeah / that's how i broke my wrist / slipped on some ice
[2013/01/10 18:25]  Hitomi Tiponi: ahh yes - is that recovering well?
[2013/01/10 18:28]  JayR Cela: well I had surgery yesterday, it went well, stainless stele plate and 12 screws / LOL / Wow did it HURT Last Night /once the drugs wore off / LOL :_)))))
[2013/01/10 18:28]  Hitomi Tiponi: can imagine that would hurt - 12 screws is a lot
[2013/01/10 18:29]  Hitomi Tiponi: will set off all the metal detectors now
[2013/01/10 18:30]  JayR Cela: haaa-haaa-ha / yeah i was just saying that to my brother, he dropped by for a visit
[2013/01/10 18:31]  JayR Cela: so any way's I tried the Dec. 8 version of Starlight today......
[2013/01/10 18:32]  Hitomi Tiponi: the one for 3.4.3?
[2013/01/10 18:32]  JayR Cela: the blue and silver is easy on the eyes and look's very nice
[2013/01/10 18:32]  JayR Cela: for the SL Beta download
[2013/01/10 18:32]  Hitomi Tiponi: I tend to rotate through them myself - I am using Orb Red at the moment - is simple and striking
[2013/01/10 18:33]  Hitomi Tiponi: ahh yes - the 3.4.4 Beta
[2013/01/10 18:33]  JayR Cela: i have to admit as to never trying your skins in FireStorm yet :(
[2013/01/10 18:34]  Hitomi Tiponi: They are similar to the normal ones for the LL viewer but in some cases the features are from FS instead - and of course all the usual FS goodies are there
[2013/01/10 18:36]  JayR Cela: yeah / it took me about 7 or 8 months to switch over from Phoenix to FireStorm on a full time basis
[2013/01/10 18:37]  Hitomi Tiponi: It does take time to become familiar with where stuff has gone
[2013/01/10 18:37]  JayR Cela: so....
[2013/01/10 18:39]  JayR Cela: I'm just looking at the preferences skin settings now. Is there a blue and silver skin available ?
[2013/01/10 18:39]  JayR Cela: ?
[2013/01/10 18:39]  Hitomi Tiponi: yes - called silver blue
[2013/01/10 18:39]  JayR Cela: awwww / LOL ok let me give this a try
[2013/01/10 18:40]  Hitomi Tiponi: there are eight in total:
[2013/01/10 18:41]  JayR Cela: ok kool / i'm looking
[2013/01/10 18:41]  Hitomi Tiponi: silver blue and pink, nostalgia blue, original orange and teal, mono teal and orb blue and red
[2013/01/10 18:42]  Hitomi Tiponi: and of course the two Custom themes Custom Light and Custom Dark
[2013/01/10 18:42]  Hitomi Tiponi: have you tried those?
[2013/01/10 18:43]  JayR Cela: no i have not / i looking for silver
[2013/01/10 18:43]  Hitomi Tiponi: you will have to relog to run it
[2013/01/10 18:43]  JayR Cela: found it :_)
[2013/01/10 18:43]  JayR Cela: ok I'll BRB
[2013/01/10 18:46]  Hitomi Tiponi: (Saved Thu Jan 10 21:44:01 2013)the custom skins are the fanciest
[2013/01/10 18:47]  Hitomi Tiponi: wb Jay
[2013/01/10 18:47]  JayR Cela: i'm back / i must of done something wrong / it didn't take .....
[2013/01/10 18:48]  Hitomi Tiponi: you have to relog after changing - it says requires restart underneath
[2013/01/10 18:48]  Hitomi Tiponi: try again
[2013/01/10 18:50]  JayR Cela: yeah / i'm pretty sure I did it correctly / mabye I missed a step / I'll try again
[2013/01/10 18:50]  JayR Cela: :_)
[2013/01/10 18:51]  JayR Cela: ahhhh / /LOL I forgot to click the Apply button / :_))))
[2013/01/10 18:54]  Hitomi Tiponi: better?
[2013/01/10 18:54]  JayR Cela: oh yeah this looks really kool
[2013/01/10 18:55]  Hitomi Tiponi: kool blue :)
[2013/01/10 18:56]  JayR Cela: Matthew Linden use to have meetings here when this basic color scheme first came out / I like it
[2013/01/10 18:57]  JayR Cela: yeah this works really good / is extremely easy to change skins
[2013/01/10 18:57]  Hitomi Tiponi: you should try the custom ones - then you can have any color you want
[2013/01/10 18:58]  JayR Cela: so you like the kool or cool blue the best ?
[2013/01/10 18:58]  Hitomi Tiponi: i like them all - tend to rotate around them
[2013/01/10 18:59]  Hitomi Tiponi: I think silver pink is the most popular but am only guessing
[2013/01/10 18:59]  JayR Cela: lol / kool :_))))
[2013/01/10 19:02]  JayR Cela: yeah / I recall a message I sent to you about the Silver Pink / LOL a long time ago / it defiantly  has the younger girly look / kool :_)
[2013/01/10 19:04]  Hitomi Tiponi: it seems popular - the blogger for fashion blog JuicyBomb uses it
[2013/01/10 19:04]  JayR Cela: wow !!! that's great
[2013/01/10 19:05]  JayR Cela: ya know I just do not like the standard LL Viewer or the Beta.....
[2013/01/10 19:06]  JayR Cela: I feel like I am crippled trying to do things ...
[2013/01/10 19:06]  JayR Cela: it is a horribley designed UI
[2013/01/10 19:07]  Hitomi Tiponi: It's not too bad - just has some rough edges
[2013/01/10 19:07]  Hitomi Tiponi: the work that the CHUI project is doing should help a lot
[2013/01/10 19:07]  Hitomi Tiponi: makes chat so much better
[2013/01/10 19:09]  JayR Cela: yeah / it's in FireStorm's nightly builds / but I did not see it on the LL SL Beta
[2013/01/10 19:09]  Hitomi Tiponi: it is a seperate project viewer
[2013/01/10 19:09]  JayR Cela: i like it too
[2013/01/10 19:09]  Hitomi Tiponi: and the project welcomes feedback - and actually seems to take some notice
[2013/01/10 19:10]  JayR Cela: oh is that OZ ?
[2013/01/10 19:10]  Hitomi Tiponi: ohh - didn't know it was in FS nightly - need to get back uptodate with that
[2013/01/10 19:10]  Hitomi Tiponi: no - it is a seperate team - Grumpity is on it and she always seems sensible
[2013/01/10 19:11]  Hitomi Tiponi: Oz isn't a designer - don't let himn design anything!
[2013/01/10 19:11]  JayR Cela: oh wow / i was wondering what happened to her...
[2013/01/10 19:11]  JayR Cela: is WolfPup back too ?
[2013/01/10 19:12]  Hitomi Tiponi: not seen Woolfpup
[2013/01/10 19:12]  JayR Cela: yeah me either :(
[2013/01/10 19:14]  Hitomi Tiponi: just checking the CHUI - can't remember the Linden doing the work - Grumpity seems to handle the JIRA stuff
[2013/01/10 19:16]  JayR Cela: ya know that the official LL User Groups have been cut back to only 4 Lindens and 5 meetings a week recently ?
[2013/01/10 19:17]  Hitomi Tiponi: know they have been shrinking for a while
[2013/01/10 19:17]  Hitomi Tiponi: so that will be Oz, Maestro, Content Creation and another
[2013/01/10 19:17]  JayR Cela: yep :(
[2013/01/10 19:18]  JayR Cela: say I just noticed something with the Camera Controls ....
[2013/01/10 19:18]  Hitomi Tiponi: ahh yes Servr/Scripting is the other one
[2013/01/10 19:19]  JayR Cela: not displaying the FireStorm buttons
[2013/01/10 19:19]  Hitomi Tiponi: which do you mean?
[2013/01/10 19:19]  JayR Cela: firestorm specific buttons
[2013/01/10 19:19]  Hitomi Tiponi: well that is because that has specific code behind it
[2013/01/10 19:19]  Hitomi Tiponi: cannot do that with just skinning
[2013/01/10 19:20]  JayR Cela: ahhhh
[2013/01/10 19:20]  JayR Cela: is there a work a round to that ? ......
[2013/01/10 19:21]  Hitomi Tiponi: what do the firestorm buttons do - can't remember
[2013/01/10 19:21]  JayR Cela: being partially dissabled those are very useful for me
[2013/01/10 19:21]  Hitomi Tiponi: what do they do?
[2013/01/10 19:23]  JayR Cela: they offer the standard / and 3 different views / front / rear / side ~ and then a camera focus button for tracking
[2013/01/10 19:25]  Hitomi Tiponi: if you press the left hand button on  the top you can select from the three different views as in the LL viewer normally
[2013/01/10 19:26]  JayR Cela: ahhh / I cant stand using that viewer / FS has spoiled me / LOL :_)
[2013/01/10 19:27]  Hitomi Tiponi: is only an extra click - and generally most people don't use them much
[2013/01/10 19:27]  JayR Cela: oh well / I do :_)
[2013/01/10 19:28]  Hitomi Tiponi: will have to get back to doing stuff in rl soon Jay
[2013/01/10 19:28]  Hitomi Tiponi: is early afternoon here
[2013/01/10 19:28]  JayR Cela: ok / thanks for taking the time for this interview ...
[2013/01/10 19:28]  Hitomi Tiponi: np
[2013/01/10 19:29]  JayR Cela: i got a few picture and our chat / i'll put it together this weekend *bigg huggs* / byeeee :_)
[2013/01/10 19:30]  Hitomi Tiponi: ok - give the custom skin a try.  Am sure you will like it
[2013/01/10 19:30]  Hitomi Tiponi: bye for now Jay
[2013/01/10 19:30]  Hitomi Tiponi: and no more slipping on ice
[2013/01/10 19:30]  JayR Cela: ok kool / i will :_)

    So there ya have it, I can defiantly recommend the StarLight Skin to anyone looking to add a little pizzazz to either the official LL SL viewer or FireStorm. Have fun.

JayR Cela :_)

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