Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SecondLife : The Best Viewer ! The Worst Viewer !

By Avatar JayR Cela

     By far the best viewer for SL in my opinion is FireSrorm, next on my list is Nirans,viewer it is very unique and a true work of genius ( the UI is totally impressive, but a bit confusing at first ) I will highly suggest you give it a try . The Kokua viewer is a piece of crap, plain and simple it is a garbage pile ! The Cool VL viewer and Singularity are both  outstanding with a V1.x based UI and with most all the the more recent V3 goodies built in.
   Hitomi's  StarLight skin is capable of making the official LL viewer tolerable, and has been very welcome in the TPV community, its a bit on the tricky side to implement, but worth the effort. The Exedous viewer seems to be in a state of Limbo.

So these are my picks #1 FireStorm
                                  #2 Nirans
                                  #3 Cool VL
                                  #4 Singularity
                                  #5 StarLight mod on the official LL viewer.

    If you want stability, go with FireStorm !
    If you want cutting edge, Niran V's
    If you cant go wrong, and prefer a V1.x UI, Cool VL and Singularity.
    If you want a very weird viewer, go with Dolphin.
    The worst viewer of course, is the official LL version, this thing is a total trip, and should not be                
       considered, by any any old time SL user. it is cumbersome, has the same crappy UI as 3 years ago,          
       avoid it at all cost, unless you are willing to install Hitomi's StarLight Skin.

JayR Cela :_)

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