Monday, April 15, 2013

SecondLife : The Need For Server Side Baking Summed up in 22 Words : A Quote From Oz Linden

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well I said this was gonna be a fun ride on the road to Server Side Baking in SL, so hold onto your hat's people. I managed to park my avi at Oz's Monday morning meeting and read through the transcript later this evening. Let me sum it up this way, by using a quote from Oz. It only took him 22 words to explain why SL needs SSB.

[07:45:16]  Oz Linden: There are so many possible failure modes and performance bottlenecks in client-side baking that solving one of them is almost insignificant

    I think that this pretty much say's it all, this is a huge change ! / Although this meeting did last and entire hour, not much was discussed in length. However a number of issue's both negative and positive are currently being actively addressed. How much time it is going to take ?

    No one has a Crystal Ball & can read the future, but here is what was brought up. Some of the current bug's are due to the fact recent server code updates are happening faster than the current client code will allow or as smoothly as possible.

    Obviously the ultimate goal here is to make the quick change to your avatar as fast as possible on your viewer ! However folks around you will see these changes more slowly. How much more slowly, and how do the Server's & Client communicate with one in other is another issue.

    So in the mean time, as I had said a week or 2 ago, It's 1 Huge Rolling Beta Test ! / LOL :_)
With a lot of backward compatibility and sub-optimal performance to boot !

Ya really should start attending some of these meeting's if ya can, here's the link.

JayR Cela :_)

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