Friday, June 7, 2013

SecondLife : Phoenix FireStorm 4.4.1.x : ?? : How Soon : When ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I don't know about you, but I been waiting for this one. Big Time ! I have been using 4.4.0.x since it's release, and I absolutely love it !

   Sure its got a few quirky flaws here and there, but by far I feel it is the ideal viewer of choice for me when visiting SecondLife, or Open Sim grids as well. But here is the stickler, There are 2 versions of FS, 1 is for SL, the other is intended for use is OS.

    This is a monumental task, Phoenix~FireStorm is without a doubt in my mind, the most versatile  robust and widely used Virtual Would Client ( related to SL & OS environment's ) in use today. Developing for both platforms is a huge undertaking. The fact the FS team is able to accomplish this monumental feat diverse's  a KickStarter program to finalize some standards, and what-ever.

    ( Side Note ) : I monitor the FS chat and read the forums and what-not / some of the folks asking questions are complete asshole's, and need to show some respect / or STFU !!! 

    In my time spent with the client, I can tell you it is nearly flawless. This is just my opinion.

    However there is allways room for improvements, and FS v4.4.1.x is right around the corner, just figure this much out......

#1 LindenLab SL Main Web Page : Is actually getting updated on a regular basis again, like years ago. This is a great sign that Rod Humble is getting some serious stuff done

    #2 The Official LL Server Side Baking Viewer was recently released.

    #3 The Beta LL Materials Viewer followed closely behind
    And now we come to #4 : Lots of PH-FS Dev's have been logging in and out constantly the past day or so !

    Hmmmmm ????

    It's gonna happen real soon, spin the wheel and take a guess.

JayR Cela :_)

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