Thursday, July 11, 2013

Virtual Worlds : Keeping Your Computer Clean : Dust Bunny's

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    This post may seem trivial, but in all honesty it is important to keep your computer free from accumulating dust. In other word's you occasionally need to take it apart and clean the dam thing !

    I don't know about you, but living in Detroit and in a once highly industrialized area, I get a lot of dust, crap in the air floating around. Not only does it screw up your lungs, it also can really clog up your computer too. Allowing extreme heat build up, this is not good.

    If you have a laptop, your pretty much screwed, just take it to a shop you trust, preferably a Mom & Pop Independently Locally Owned Computer Place and ask them to thoroughly clean the machine inside and out from DUST !!

    Don't even ask me how to clean a laptop or tablet, in my opinion they are throw away pieces of junk.

    If you own a desktop, I can help

    The #1 thing to remember is don't spin the bearings of any fan's, stick a screwdriver or something in there to keep the fan from spinning, Power Supply, Video Card etc...

     You can buy a can of Dust Off from a number of places, basically it is just compressed air in a can. Personally I use an air compressor, with a touch controlled nozzle. About once a year I thoroughly blow out all the crap that magically seems to accumulate.

    Disconnect and open your computer, then just blow all of the Dust Bunny's  out of there.

    You will both be happier / LOL :_)

JayR :_)

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