Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SecondLife : Random Thought's : Opinion's : The Future...... ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    My personal feeling's towards LL and recent purchases of various semi related start up's with in the Virtual World community is to me, just the beginning.

    I could ramble on about some thing or another, but the main point is The Lab is not anywhere near finished yet with there intermediate goals. However the first stage of this massive changeover has progressed extremely well. "Shewww" wipes the sweat from my brow :_)

    I really thought it was gonna be a disaster. Oh well, I was wrong. Stuff is still broken, but a lot of stuff is working better than ever. The oddest thing's I have seen so far is really old problems, and a newer one. And I do not want to speculate to much......

    But I just been checking out all the different news feed's I get and looking at everything over all.

We Will Hear More Discussion About The HyperGrid

     I remember back in 2006 or 7,  IBM and Sun Micro both had a large presence is SL, it was a fantastic time, and a lot of fun to be involved. There was much discussion about the Hyper Grid concept back then.

    Ahhh  Bummer :(

    The Lab & IBM actually developed and demonstrated the technology, I was there !! made the first hop to an outside grid.

JahR Cela

    Here are a few links  to Hyper Grid in general and Open Sim :_)


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