Friday, October 4, 2013

Virtual Worlds & Gaming : Can Linden Lab Save It's Self From It's Self ? & Desura ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok I have been quiet for a while about SecondLife, mostly because I have been way to busy with my own studio for Machinima Creation on Linux project, and boy there is so much to say about that I am just catching up on my reading of the recent LL~SL~Tos changes, WOW !!!!

    This is Mind Boggling, to say the least / LOL :_)

    Who on earth as a content creator would  knowingly  agree to this ? Haa-haa the sneaky son of a guns. They just up an stuck it in there during a normal update, ( and mind you all companies do this when it comes to a Term's of Service software contract updates ), thing is most folks don't bother to read em.

    So this brings up a serious question in my mind about LL's newly acquired  Desura on line competitor to Valve and their Steam gaming service, and the recently announced SteamBox hardware / software, specifications ? ?

    Heres the question, since LL now owns anything and everything right now, ( besides your soul ) people as content creators, seem to be completely screwed ! ( Unless of course )  I believe there is a United States law that say's it is illegal to pay someone or a company in order to work for them. I'm not talking about Temp Workers, that is an entirely different story.  So basically you pay LL RL $ in order to use their server's as an artistic creative space if you are a land owner, if your just working in the Lab's Sand Box's then again and not paying them a dime of your RL $ we get into another fork in the legal road.

    Now ask yourself this, you as an Indie Game Developer. would you actually trust the Lab at this point in time, if you intend to use Desura as a platform to launch your latest and greatest game idea ?

    Hopefully this is just some sort of screw up somewhere in the legal department, regrettably I feel a massively potential backlash lies just around the corner.

JayR Cela :_(

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