Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Virtually Old Software : I'm Not Kidding : Plus : A New Nokia Win95 Phone Parody :_)

Hi there
    I just been taking a break, rethinking my CinnaMateStudio strategy again. The new Debian 7 is recently out and I am thinking of an alternate yet parallel build to the current Gentoo ~ Sabayon project. Progress is sort of temporarily being held up with configuring, jack - jackd - Qjackctl and JackRack, however I believe I pretty much nailed it down last night, it's possibly a Fire-Wire problem on an old Audigy II-ZS.

    Anyway's besides joining Steam and downloading a few really kool Free-To-Play games, I found a great link to and old software and hardware junkies dream come true. Personally I think this is such a wonderful idea, I just feel compelled to get involved somehow, it really looks to be a hit, both academically, and just for the sheer fun of it, can you imagine all the lost classic video games out there just waiting to be easily accessed via a web browser interface. Although similar projects ( Atari Arcade....etc....) have been tried in the past this is unique in that it has various Hardware Emulation, Operating system(s) and Applications all neatly organized and ready to be plugged together. LOL it seems like a dream to good to be true. But I think this is going to be a Bombshell once it matures and gathers more help and volunteers. Actually the organization has been around since the mid 90's, resides  in San Francisco, California, and it's called the Internet Archive  located here  

    Definitely worth taking a look see. :_)

    And now for this absolutely hysteric pseudo-historical look back at the original Windows Phone, and the first  very popular Nokia basic brick type cell phone of the same era. This you just gotta see in order to believe. It is a U-Tube parody by a group of some truly creative and funny people. Lol / I subscribed to their channel. :_) 

    Haaaa !! this brings back some really funny memories, I had the Nokia, that I thought was great and eventually sold to a friend, another friend of mine, an IT guy at Ford had the new Win phone, one day we got into a serious Bar Stool conversation at the local after work watering hole. After an interesting discussion, he begrudgingly admitted the Win phone was a KOOL Toy, but pretty much a confusing worthless business tool, and only OK for phone calls.

JayR Cela :_)

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