Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hardware Requirements for SecondLife : On The Increase ~ Or Not ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Hmmmm, this depends upon a number of variables, one thing to be sure of, is that so far the Lab has been extremely busy with a lot of back-end server improvements.

    Viewer side, I have been using FireStorm since the original Beta release, so that's not going to change, I'm just set in my way's now I guess :_)

    Anyways, the Lab's Viewer team headed up by Oz Linden,  and I believe it may be Nynx Linden on the Server side, really seem to have gotten a tremendous amount of  Server Load Balancing issues finally cleared up. And that is wonderful news for folks that like to go exploring via a vehicle of some sort. A whole lot less crashing your Plane or ending up with a sunken boat, on a No-Build area :(

     I should also mention the newest project involving prediction of what objects and textures should be given preference is a great idea ( concept ) My god I can just imagine the Math Involved with coming up and debugging the correct logarithms.

    So getting back to my original thought about SL and your hardware requirements, will you need to increase them, or remain the same ?

    My experience has been that most desktop computers manufactured within the past 6 years or so / give a take or bit, you should be Kool enough with that hardware to log into SL. It's really going to depend quite a bit on your Video Card, or integrated chip-set and how much RAM ya got laying around your MotherBoard , 3 or 4 Gig should be just fine with all 32bit systems, as far as 64bit systems go, 4, or  6 to 8 gig and you should be all set too.

     And it seems that with over 40,000 Servers running the show for the backend.  at Linden Lab
I'm thinking your system requirement's will remain fairly constant for at least several years.

    Back in 2005 I was logging into SecondLife on a Pentium 3 and a Nvidia Gforce4, at the time it worked well enough for me to figure out I was gonna stick around a while. Today that's not going to happen, you are going to require a relatively, moderate price'd machine of a about $350 to $450 US  that should do it. / Plus Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse

    The main thing to consider either stick to good reliable Brand Name product you have prior experience with or plain old fashioned word of mouth recommendations, or my self I tend to usually configure and build my own, and that entails finding and getting to know a Mom & Pop kinda local computer store that you can trust. I'm telling ya they are out there, ya just gotta find them, usually word of mouth is your best bet.

    The ironic thing I see happening here is that LindenLab has actually been lowering the initial requirements in order to log in and have an enjoyable experience. And that is a direct result of all these crazy Server Madness changes recently. But it is paying off, I always said if ya toss a shit load of crap against the wall eventually something is bound to stick, and the Lab seems to have finally figured whatever it was they were trying for.

    So in closing I will have to say, A Resounding No - recent improvements to the labs back end architecture  will only require a small percentage of SL residents to upgrade their hardware.

JayR Cela

P.S. Just my opinion :_)

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