Thursday, November 21, 2013

SecondLife : Should You Be Using 64 Bit ? / NO !! Not Yet !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    OK all the 64-bit gear-heads  out there, It's a firm MAYBE !! / LOL :_)

    The SL source code is still 32-bit !!!!

    Until that changes, all this 64-bit madness is meaningless.

     One thing I would really like to see introduced into the SL viewer would be the ability to Tear Off Menus onto a second or 3rd Monitor screen. This is not a 32 or 64-bit issue, the fact that the SL Viewer-2-3 architecture currently does not allow this is a real shame on the the Lab's part, and until that happens SL will be regulated to a has been.

    So if you are thinking of downloading a 64-bit viewer, don't waste your time.

    Just my opinion.

JayR Cela


Lord said...

Hi JayR ! Your idea of the Tear Off Menus was actually implemented a long time ago by a viewer called MonoVida Studio / MonoVida Communicator...and was proposed for adoption by Dzonatos Sol (aka Jonathan Ballard )to LL in the Jira entry SNOW-375. Somehow, when Snowglobe 2.0 was ditched for the new moniker Snowstorm 2.0, they lost this project as well. According to Jonathan Ballard it wouldn't be all that hard to implement it, but that due to upcoming changes in internet protocols he suggests waiting till they have been implemented to develop such a viewer. If you would like to read more about it, try here:

Lord said...

BTW, I've been using Singularity 64-bit for Windows since it became available and have found it to be quite stable. I'm suspecting Win64's ability to use more RAM as the main reason ?

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Lord

Long time since I last heard from you, hope everything is going well, anyways thanks for your comment's. I remember the SnowGlobe project and I remember Dzonatos showing up at Mathew Linden's meetings, Zero Linden's AW-Groupies as well. Is he ( Jonathon ) still active in SL ?

I'm currently building a new ( actually rebuilding a donated 64bit Dell Optiplex recently acquired ) just waiting on some extra spending money to finish the project. I always have liked Singularity, I'll have to try that out.

Thank's for reminding me about another good idea that was shot down by LL for no apparent good reason :(

JayR Cela :_)