Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CinnaMateStudio : Forward Ho ! : Some Kool Stuff In The Works : BeoWolf Clustering

By Avatar JayR Cela

    By Avatar JayR Cela

    CinnaMateStudio : Currently, but slowly is coming back to Life. I'm happy to report to be out of my Brain Funk Cloud, and forging full steam ahead again.

    After lots of research, searching for answers, I believe I can pull this off, with  better than my original goals envisioned. Currently I am working on Clustering idle workstations CPU power via a BeoWolf distributed CPU cluster configuration, that hopefully will be integrated into the final complete package.

   I am also in the process of adding complete Remote Desktop Connection Control in a Mix & Match Linux/Win7 dual boot studio network configured environment. Via TightVNC and Windows 7 built in  RDC connection capabilities.

    My plans also include a complete sound effects library of ( Creative Commons - Open Source - GPL - licensed ) audio effects of everything imaginable to get you off to a good start, right out of the box. Hopefully tied into a Libre Office or Apache Office Data Base format, this former being last on my current list to actually complete, simply because if the vast amount of time evolved locating, collecting, categorizing and placing into a Multi-Platform cross DAW-Platform plugin format.

    Other stuff in the works are a dedicated CinnaMateStudio Blog and or Web Site with Wikki, and a thorough rework of the CMS Source Forge account web page.

    I am a 1 person team ( ME ) / LOL :_), and the occasional Brain Fart's I seem to get from days at a time with virtually no sleep are kinda wearing me down, so don't expect anything solid soon. Sabayon Linux is by far one of the most enjoyable Linux distro's I have ever used, however it is very Bleeding Edge, and somewhat difficult to maintain. If I decide to stay with Sabayon, this will most likely be a very limited public offering, that I will only allow availability to truly interested parties. ( in other word's I will require a formal request for download availability ) On the other hand if I decide to revert back to Debian or Mint, there will be no such requirements.

    The reason's being, Sabayon takes a lot more of a Linux background in order to maintain, than either the above mentioned. So it's more and more likely looking like a Debian base, and probably Mint simply because of it's support for both the Cinnamon and Mate Desk-Top UI's

    Game development software is also in the works as included packages.

    I will readily admit, outside of my own personal home studio environment, this project is still Vapor-Ware, but I should be posting some U-Tube video's sometime in April of the systems capabilities.

    As a side note, two former members of my now defunct 1980's Ry-them-Blues-Rock band 'Naughty Pine' have agreed to assist with some various types of help during development.

    I will do my best to keep My CinnamateStudio Google+ Circle as up to date as possible, So please feel free to join that if you wish, I could really use some word's of encouragement, and better yet, some assistance during the development stages.

    Please let me know if you feel an interest, either here on this blog,  in my G+ CinnaMate Studio circle or via my e-mail
 (  JayR.Cela@gmail.com  )

Talk back at ya-all soon / LOL

JayR Cela :_)

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