Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Computer Life / Intel & Nvidia Making Dramatic Advances In Power Consumption Requirement's !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    If your reading this blog, you are probably a Software, Hardware, Operating Systems person. In other words, you like following tech trends. Intel has just introduced the new X99 chip-set, consumes quite a bit less power than previously with about 38  to 60 watts at idle, ( don't quote me on that one ) Nvidia has also just announced a new GTX750m with about the same power requirement's. These are really mindbogglingly numbers, depending upon how many computers you are running at the same time. Myself I usually have at least 2 sometimes 4 standalone CPU's and up to 8 screens running at any given time.

    If you are into Audio, or Video production these rapidly occurring advancement's are welcome news indeed. My power requirements are minuscule compared to a an actual production house ( I work out of my home  ) so I'm not about to run out and purchase new equipment, but if I had a hundred computers running at once, it does not take a mathematical genius to figure out the savings potential in the long run after the initial investment, retire your old equipment, write it off on your taxes if possible, and either sell or donate it to a charity organization  of your choosing.

    You can read more about the new X99 and GTX750m here.,26053.html

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