Saturday, March 29, 2014

ComputerLife : I'm Running Linux and My Browser Just Got Hi-Jacked ! : Welcome To Real Life :(

By Avatar JayR Cela

    With all the talk about Windows XP reaching E.O.L status in about a week or so, and some folks panicking, or updating to Win7 - 8.1 or Linux, don't think your immune to random threats. Some of the biggest threats to your security are well known names in the Industry, FLASH is #1 on my list of things to just not install, Java, meh, on Linux your going to be using IcedTea, so your probably OK, on Window's don't even bother wasting your time ( and don't confuse JAVA with Java Script ) two completely different things.

    I just got bitten by a homepage hijack on the Chromium browser 35.x and on a Linux box. This sort of thing does not happen very often, never the less if your not prepared, shame on me, or shame on you, it doesn't matter. The Crooks are out there, just waiting to take advantage of ya, and make your life miserable. So be prepared, research is your best friend in this case.

    On Window's I have found AVG Free ( but don't allow it to run in the background ! I use AVG as a last resort only, the son of a gun takes about a trillion years to fully scan your computer ) and MalwareBytes along with MS Security Essentials to be a pretty safe bet. On Linux ClamAV, Mac's I have no idea what to suggest, but your gonna need something, regardless of your platform. Currently the Android OS, ( based on Linux ) is just riddled  with Malware apps, so ya gotta have some sort of protection there as well.

Dammm :(

JayR Cela

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