Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SecondLife : The C.H.U.I. Interface : A Cruel Joke

By Avatar JayR Cela,

   I sat behind the scenes observing while this monstrosity was being developed internally within the SnowStorm Project, eventually it was spun off to -->> some SS volunteers. I can tell ya right now the entire thing was, and is a resulting complete disaster.

    The original goal of the project was to simplify communication channels. Unfortunately it degraded into a slobbering mess of incomprehensible little arrows and silly click on this thingy and see what happens with this piece of odd crap, that never should have been released.

    I sit back here after 8 years, and one theme seems to repeat it's-self, over and over again. The resident's tell LL what they want, LL listens to them-and one thing goes right in one ear and out the other and they do what ever they want too, no matter how dumb it is.

    Lets take for instance. The inexcusable reliance on the UDP internet protocol, crap myself and a ton of other folks were kicking LL in the butt 8 years ago to switch to HTTP, but Noooo !!! It was to hard, now after almost a decade, they still cant get it right, and the lack of understanding of proper load balancing on the server side is inexcusable, tack onto that a crap load of incompatible RC Viewers. Hell no one use's UDP !!!, and the lab still is making excuses for using UDP ! For crying out loud, its a technology that is so ancient, any one with a brain in their head abandoned it decades ago. But LL is still struggling along forcing the inefficient UDP protocol and struggling to implement HTTP, it is completely pathetic.

    Sorry there Server folks at LL, You don't have a grip on things !! At all !! Ya cant Beta Test 6 differnt viewers, and then complain that the User Experience is out of whack, when ya really don't even have a clue to understanding the HTTP protocol and how to properly implement it.

    This place is seriously screwed up.

  I don't attend meetings anymore, or could give a rat's ass about the JIRA being opened up again ( never should of been closed in the first place ) The reason I don't attend or participate is because no-one in the upper LL project leads seem to care, hell they never did, except for a few, they no longer work here. So screw it.

   And as far a C.H.U.I goes, please give me a shovel and a nice secluded place deep in the woods so I can bury it.

Computer  - Human - Un-Comprehensible - Interface. /  May you hopefully one day R.I.P.

JayR Cela :(

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