Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CinnaMateStudio : Current Outlook : Open Source FX Library Download

By Avatar JayR Cela

    As I sit here, trying to sort things out, and my recent decision to migrate back to the Debian platform continues.

    I have decided to devote the next month or two, towards my ( FX ) project, a freely available library of various sound effects, categorized in the .wav  / .ogg  /  .mp3 formats.

    I am burning out, and sadly I am unable to remain awake 24 hours a day 7 days a week, haa-haa. I'm considering a PHYSC-Brain transfer into a Virtual World Intelligence Platform Environment. / LOL :_)

    I wish I could, but seriously, I am toast right now, so it's time to take a break.

    My current plans are to finish the sound effects library, and release that into the public domain first, and then get back to whatever the heck I was doing before.

JayR Cela :_)

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