Monday, April 7, 2014

SecondLife : Ebbie Linden : Are You Listening ? : It's All About The Creatives : Fix The TOS

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I seriously doubt if Ebbe reads this blog, a few Lindens and former employee's do, but it makes no difference, I have all but abandoned SL in wake of the TOS, ' stating that ' ( LL owns everything lock stock and barrel what any  ( we the creative )  people bring here )

    SL is a NICHE, the fact that it still exist's is beyond belief. And I truly feel the only reason it is still here is not because of LL or the well known inconsistent attitudes towards creative's.It is because at, one time, a hell of a lot of people that truly believed in the platform, and through out all the seemingly odd ball changes, quite a few of them ( including myself ) remained.

     The Lab originally developed SL as an experiment devoted towards offering the ultimate creative 3D environment that had ever been not only conceived. it was actually implemented in real life as well. ( And it's still here ! )

     Time to get back to it's root's is what I say !! ' However ' until the TOS wording proclaiming ( the out-right theft of IP rights by LL is addressed  ) we own everything, including your soul, is reworded. / LOL / you folk's are truly unbelievable. / HAAA-Haaa.

    We are all fool's until we learn.

    I guess. In the mean time.

    No thanks

JayR Cela

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