Friday, April 18, 2014

FireStorm Viewer for Virtual Worlds : FireStorm Viewer : Deep Flaw With Various Linux Distro's

By Avatar JayR Cela

    This is gonna be a stickler, unfortunately.

     I gotta say this much is not a fault with the FS team, the fault is Linux is a bit more complex than MS-Win - or -OSX :

     So if ya got plans on running FS on your platform, ya best run a bunch of trial runs first, my results have been sporadic, erratically sporadic, I cant seem to make no rhyme or reason of the problem, the FS installer sucks, I'll tell ya that right now. Don't even go there, but I have  always been able to run it as a stand a-lone in a term.

     Now all it does is / flash the screen / and that's on Ubuntu 14.04

     Debian 7.4 the same result

I can not log in on either, or for that mater even get the client to run.

Here's the kicker / it runs fine on Gentue.

     I don't get it :(

JayR Cela :(

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