Saturday, April 19, 2014

RealLife : Why Is Mankind Hell Bent On Destroying Itself ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Good question to ponder, until the next time you go to fill up your gas tank. Hey folk's let's get real here, do you actually believe that you are in control ?

    30 years ago I would have said yes, today however it's all about money $$$$ Whom Ever Has The Most Money Win's.

    Oil, Oil, Oil, Drill baby Drill, More, More, More !!! The top 1% control everything, private gated, and Alternate Reality's can cloud the mind with something called GREED !!

    How much money does it take to feed a hungry child ? For that mater how much $$ does it take to raise a family ???

     Both questions are easily answered with, half baked false ( so called NEW'S ) and totally un-credible, outright lies and fabrication by the solely owned and purchased media.

    I was just reading an article recently about nuclear power and how it will somehow miraculously solve all of our problems. Yeah tell that to the folk's living near Fukushima Japan.

    So anyways the latest news is well we can just bury the stuff deep enough it won't bother anyone ( at least for several thousand years ) and by the whey, while we are at it let's just dig a really big hole somewhere's, preferably near an aquifer or beneath a major lake.

    I am not a religious person ( so to speak ) But does not someone up there with all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ not remember ???

    God or what ever you choose to call the Great Spirit, gave mankind something no other animal on the face of this planet has. The ability to reason, and make sound judgement.

     The only problem that seem's to be getting in the way is GREED

    For crying out load how much money can ya have until you are satisfied ???

JayR Cela :(

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