Friday, April 18, 2014

SecondLife : Real Friends : People Ya Meet : Virtual Word Un-Reality : A False Hope

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok I'm frothing at the mouth right now, and I am also babbling about, friendships, fragile relationships based upon the fact that there is no actual physical eye to eye and body movement, tell tel sign's of what the other persons may actually be thinking.

    No I ask you to think about this for a moment, there is a lot of excitement going on in the GEEK World about / 3D / and this Oculous - 3d stuff. OK let's lookat 3d TV / Total flop !!!!!

     Oculous What ever ya call that thing, it's been done before, and I am sure it will be done again, in my opinion Sony is going to bury Oculous well into the pit they so well deserve, along with the seemingly unstoppable FaceBook.

    Man I'll tell ya I canceled my RL ~ FB account several years ago. "FB" " Creeps Me Out" I want nothing to do with them, on the other hand I am perfectly comfortable with G+, why is that ?

     It's a really strong question, the people I have been starting to meet on G+ as opposed to those I formally had on FB, my RL account ( that I killed years ago ) seem to be different to me as far as intellectually.

     I'm not about to apologize to anyone for my thought's or opinions ( until I am force'd into a world of constant surveillance and direct tracking of all my thought's or movements )

    I am burned out on Virtual World Relationships, and phony people with screw ball story's about their real lives.

    Oculous Rift is ?????????????????????

    What U tell me ??

     Do you actually want to live in an alternate reality, or would you rather live in a Real Life ?

     It's a difficult question, and depends upon who you are.

JayR Cela


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