Thursday, July 31, 2014

SecondLife : Are You Thinking Of Leaving ? : Where Should You Go ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    So you are thinking of leaving SL, don't feel alone, I've been a resident for 9 years, and I'm fed up, not with the platform, it's the management and legal team in my opinion that are not in touch with reality. They are not the only Big Game In Town any longer.

    Over the years of my writing here on this blog, my opinion's go all over the map, from ranting lunatic to admiring fan-boy, but enough is enough. I'll remain in SL util it actually starts to cost me RL $ or LL simply folds and go's belly up. The creative brain drain has already begun. Mainland and private estates are gradually starting to close their door's and hanging out new shingle's of commerce in various Open Sim Hyper Grid enabled Virtual World Environment's.

   Hyper Grid is the key to keep in mind while considering a new environment to explore. SecondLife much like America On Line of 20 years ago is a go nowhere platform ! When the company providing the servers blatantly steals anything and everything you create in their Virtual World. It's time to look elsewhere.

    New Open Sim Worlds that are Hyper Grid enabled, offer the widest opportunity for content creators, and regular folks as well. I could continue on and recommend one grid or another, but I'm not going to do that, only you can make the decision. The best place to start is by reading 2 Blog's ( other than mine / LOL  :_))

    Maria Korolov's excellent HyperGrid Business Blog @

    And Thinkerer Selby Evans Blog @

   You may want to also take a look at the Hyperica : A Hyper Grid yellow pages of sort's @

   If it's not Hyper Grid enabled, I would steer clear, there is no future in the antiquated Closed Walled Garden approach to Virtual Reality Wolds.

JayR Cela



Tommy Rock said...

Great article, JayR! Can't wait to see you in our HyperGrid enabled 3RG!

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Tommy,

I have not forgotten about you folks over there in 3RG, just been busy, and I am looking forward to visiting with you again real soon

*bigg huggs*

JayR Cela :_)